Muscle and Huge Dick
A collection of guys with big muscular pecs, biceps, butts as well as huge dicks. Both fantasy and real. NSFW. 18+ only
Anonymous asked : Do you think 6" hard is small?

Its on the smaller side, but I would still take it.

é  1  û    —    8:37am
Anonymous asked : What's the smallest dick size you would settle for?

An average dick is fine. I would prefer at least 8” though 

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Anonymous asked : How big was the biggest white dick you have ever seen? Length and girth plz.

12 inches long but I am not sure how thick. Probably as thick as a can of beer.

é  2  û    —    6:34am
Anonymous asked : What's your dream dick size?

Honestly? Probably about 16-18 inches

é  6  û    —    6:21pm
Anonymous asked : What is the wildest thing youve ever done to a dick?

I dunno, what do you consider a wild thing? I have swallowed a monster cock all the way and choked on it pretty hard…

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