Muscle and Huge Dick
A collection of guys with big muscular pecs, biceps, butts as well as huge dicks. Both fantasy and real. NSFW. 18+ only

I would like you to morph my cock but I just want to send the picture not a url address

You can send a picture to

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Anonymous asked : Do you do private morphs?

I can do and you can email it to

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Anonymous asked : What's the biggest you've ever seen/been with

It must have been about 12 inches! It was incredible I have to say and since then I have just wanted more!

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Anonymous asked : could u make a 10 inch cock massive

If you give me a photo?

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Anonymous asked : Could u morph a dick to make like half body length?

If you can find a good picture to do it with!

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Anonymous asked : Would u take a 5 foot dick

Seriously? If these things existed I would try and take a dick as big as myself!

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Anonymous asked : Would u take a 3 foot dick if possible?

Without a minute of doubt!

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